## old 10i04 // 3 Editing Steps-2/2

Blogger Help:

The Editing Steps are on Track2.com, for greater clarity -- click here to view them. (Oct 2010 version).

If the blog has only "posts" and no "pages" (older blogs), then the older editing procedure can also be used, click here to view it (Aug 2008 version).

A blog can have both "pages" and "posts" -- or just "post" with no "pages".

The following image shows the "edit pages" menu.
The "pages" are normally linked across the top, using the "pages gadget" which automatically handles the linking for you.

The following image shows the "edit posts" menu.  Important:  The top post (most recent) is the "home page" for the blog.  The other pages need to be linked in the right sidebar, using the "links gadget".  You build the links yourself.