3 Editing Steps-2/2

Use the procedure on Page 2, if you're brand new to editing.          
Once you get more familiar, try using the "edit posts" and "edit pages" views, as described on this page.

I. Posts vs Pages

A blog can have both "posts" and "pages" -- or just "posts" with no "pages".

They look the SAME to a person just viewing your web page, but you need to access them slightly differently, if you need to edit them.

You can tell the difference between a page and a post by the address.
  • A "post" has a year and month in the address.
  • Example: http://williamsportballroom.blogspot.com/2009/07/bb.html
  • A "page" has "/p" in the address.  
  • Example: http://williamsportballroom.blogspot.com/p/about.html
Confusing But Important:  Due to the way blogs work, your "home page" must be a "post".  But for your other web pages, I recommend you use "pages" rather than "posts", because you can link them using the "pages gadget", which creates a "menu" running  across the top of the web page.
     If you run out of room in the top menu, and you still need additional pages, then you can use "posts", and link them in the right sidebar.
II. Edit Posts
Once you are logged in, you can access the "edit posts" tab via the "dashboard",  or from the "pencil" at the bottom of the page.

"The following image shows the "edit posts" menu.

Use the "Edit Posts" tab as shown by "arrow A" above.

Confusing But Important:  The most recent post-- see "arrow B" above --  will display as the "home page" for the blog.  Additional posts -- if you use them --can be linked in the right sidebar, using the "links gadget".  You build the links yourself.
III. Edit Pages
The following image shows the "edit pages" menu.  

Use the "Edit Pages" tab as shown by "arrow C" above.

The "pages" can be linked across the top of the web page, using the "pages gadget" which automatically handles the linking for you.
IV. Adjusting Date of Posts
You can use the "edit posts" link at the bottom of the post window, to adjust the date.

IMPORTANT: The newest-dated post will display at the top of the list in the "edit posts" window -- see "arrow B" above in the first image.  This is the page that will display as the home page.

  • Said another way, the page that you want to display as your home page, must be at the TOP of the list of posts, as shown at "arrow B" above.

To adjust the date, use the "post options" link -- see "arrow E" above.
Then change the date -- see "arrow F" above.

The order of the remaining posts underneath the "top post" does not matter.

This page updated 10/17/2010 by James R. Ingram