5 Backing Up

Blogger help page for backing up is here.  Look for "Exporting Your blog" at the bottom of the help page. 
Making A Backup
  • Blogger now has a simple way to make a backup copy of your blog.  Note that the resulting file saves only the text, not the photos.  When you build the blog page, however, Blogger automatically stores a copy of your photos in a Google Picasa album.

Outline Of Steps - New Interface (added 4/1/2012)
  • To export your blog, simply click "Export Blog" from the Settings | Other tab.

Outline Of Steps - Original Interface
  • Use the 'Settings' tab, then on the first line look for "Blog Tools", and a link that says "Export blog".  
PDF "Pseudo Backup"

You can also make a "Pseudo Backup" by saving ALL the posts to a single PDF file.  But note you have to make copies of the "pages" and save them as "posts" -- more details on Page 4, small Para. c near the buttom.

This page updated 4/1/2012 by James R. Ingram